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Mini Crochet Patrick Keychain – Free Pattern

by RoboCop RoboCop

This mini crochet Patrick keychain is a heartwarming rendition of the beloved starfish sidekick from under the sea, translated into amigurumi form. Crafted with a vivid pink body and his signature green and purple swim trunks, this tiny crochet Patrick exudes a cheery presence. The keychain version of Patrick retains his familiar goofy grin and wide-eyed expression, making it a charming addition to any set of keys.

The crochet stitches are small and dense, creating a plush texture that’s pleasant to touch. Patrick’s eyes, with their fluffy white pompoms and small black pupils, are playfully prominent, reflecting his ever-happy demeanor. His mouth, outlined in black yarn, curves into a contented smile, complementing the two simple dots that serve as his rosy cheeks. The miniature swim trunks are carefully adorned with a crochet purple flower detail, showcasing the meticulous skill involved in amigurumi crochet. This piece is not just a cute accessory but also a celebration of the joy that crafting and character-inspired art can bring.

Pattern Here

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